From the Catholic Campaign on Human Development:

Today, 37.3 million Americans—and 1 in 6 children (that’s 18 percent of all American children)-are living below the poverty line.  They live in families who are of necessity making hard choices between food, health care, heat and rent. To bring attention to this national crisis, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has designated January as “Poverty in America Awareness Month.”

During this special month of observance, we devote our efforts to heightening the nation’s understanding of the breadth and depth of the problems of poverty by:

  • Releasing a powerful public service campaign to raise awareness of poverty in America.
  • Encouraging the editorial media to focus on poverty.
  • Educating the public to be sensitive to the needs of those in poverty and to treat poor people with respect.
  • Holding events in Catholic schools and public settings to make sure poverty is top-of-mind for all Americans.

What can you do to promote Poverty in America Awareness Month?”