This year, the Catholic Center will be working with St. Vincent’s Parish (located on the intersection of Adams and Figueroa) for a unique program that brings USC and local students preparing for Confirmation together for a unique exchange. The youth program seeks Trojans to mentor these high school students as they prepare for the sacrament of confirmation, an important juncture in their spiritual journeys. There are two ways we’ll be acting:

st vincents one

Sunday School Catechists

The CC is looking for a small group of students (English or Spanish speaking) to collectively lead Catechism classes for those preparing for confirmation. Our group will meet every week on Sunday morning on a rotating schedule so as to diminish the need for a weekly commmitment. No experience necessary to join: just an openness to talk about your faith life and an enjoyment of working with kids.

Youth Days

Once a month the larger USC community and St. Vincents will come together “after-school” on Sundays for a special get-together. Possible activities include sports, arts&crafts, discussions, holiday celebrations, prayer services, and even field trips. This is a great chance for a larger group of students to mentor local schoolchildren outside of the classroom setting.

For information on how you can participate contact Radomir at <>. How to see you out there!

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